C A R E E R   C U E

Career Cue is a uniquely designed and holistically minded two-day vocational discovery program, which utilizes tools such as wayfinding, design thinking, Career Anchors, and narrative discovery to help you develop a career plan that is packed with meaning and purpose.

Dr. Mary Kay Park, Founder and CEO of Intercultural Cue designed Career Cue as a response to the growing trend of frequent job transition amongst millenials and baby boomers alike. This can be explained by career assesment tools of the past which have succeeded in providing participants with a single job function that they may excell at, but failed to direct members of the workforce toward careers that align with their goals, values, motivations, and - ultimately - their personal story! As an interculturlist, Dr. Park approaches the career development process with the philosophy that our future is deeply informed by the people, places, and events that have shaped us. As a result, Career Cue is uniquely effective in providing clients with achievable and sustainable steps toward job satisfaction by placing narrative discovery at the epicenter of the process.

In addition, results rendered through the narrative discovery process are given mobility through the scientific assesment tool Career Anchors (Schein & Van Maanen). This tool, complimentary with Career Cue workshop enrollment, facilitates a functional application of personal goals by illuminating to participants the type of work that they will be naturally fueled by. 

The Career Cue curriculum consists of four modules completed over the duration of a 12-hour workshop. Each Career Cue workshop is designed according to the needs of its participants. This means that Career Cue can take the style of a single-day seminar, a weekend retreat, or anything in between. Whether your needs are corporate, academic, ministerial, or personal, there is a Career Cue experience suited for you!

If you are interested in excavating your personal narrative using Career Cue, consider joining us at an upcoming workshop!

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