M A R Y   K A Y   P A R K ,   P H . D .
F O U N D E R   &   C E O

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As an intercultural scholar and practitioner, Dr. Park is committed to helping organizations hone and execute best strategies for producing a sustainable, agile, and top performing entity that can thrive in today's global market. Within an era where cultural challenges are accelerated by cycles of globalization, rapid technological advancements, and media/information rapid transfer, Dr. Park’s skill for equipping others with cultural competencies is not only valuable, but essential.  

Dr. Park approaches intercultural consulting with an extensive understanding of what it means to mediate differences; she possesses a Ph.D. in Intercultural Studies, several years of experience working for a multicultural company, extensive practice as a professor of intercultural studies, and a rich personal story acquired while growing up within a bicultural home. What’s more, each of these experiences have equipped her with comprehensive strategies for navigating the global marketplace and engendered in her a passion for resolving cultural dilemmas by developing global leaders.


M A D E L E I N E   S T .   J O H N
D E V E L O P M E N T   S T R A T E G I S T   &   C O N S U L T A N T

Utilizing her expertise in rhetoric, intercultural communication, and perspective taking, Madeleine St. John thrives while facilitating effective cross-cultural collaboration. Self-described as a “culture junkie,” Madeleine believes that diversity is not only what makes our world rich, but also that which makes it strong. This belief drives her passions for intercultural consulting and global development. Moreover, Madeleine's love for healthy communication and fervor for culture provide the perfect foundation in her consulting work at Intercultural Cue. Specifically, Madeleine is interested in using her work to explore the intersection of narrative and social progress by facilitating cross-cultural communication, company branding, and marginality reduction through storytelling.