W H A T   W E   D O

Intercultural Cue is a global consulting firm committed to providing organizations with holistic solutions to cross-cultural dilemmas, utilizing our expertise in intercultural, narrative, and digital communications. More specifically, we are interested in addressing challenges that arise from the intersection of culture and management by helping clients maximize talent through increased cultural competency in order to accomplish personal, team, career, and organizational development.


W H Y   W E   D O   I T

Today, organizational challenges are accelerated by cycles of globalization, rapid technological advancements, shared cultural production, and rapid transfer of information. We believe that by equipping individuals and organizations with the generative tools, skills, and cultural acumen that is necessary to navigating today's ever-changing work environment, the effects of globalization will be transformed from perceived development hindrances into opportunities for professional leverage and collaboration.


H O W   W E   D O   I T

Intercultural Cue develops global leaders by helping organizations identify and address their strengths and weaknesses using research-based assessment tools and analytics that offer scalable solutions for multinational and national organizations of all sizes. Consulting services include executive coaching and customized training experiences that are designed to meet the specific needs of our clients. From talent management to organizational development strategy to global and cross-cultural branding, Dr. Park and her team at Intercultural Cue are equipped to provide clients with services that are specific to their expansion and development needs. We are eager to teach today’s leaders how to navigate the potential obstacles of globalization, respond with confidence, and transform their organizations into optimally performing generative entities.